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Welcome to the Official Website of Nadvenu flutes®, we are one of the leading Flute makers in India. This is the right place to Configure, customize and order you’re individually designed and crafted to render accurate & great-sounding concert quality North Indian Hindustani Bansuri bamboo Flute, south Indian Carnatic Flute (Venu), and custom-tuned Flute right here.

Nadvenu flutes® was established on 14-July-2016 in Aurangabad Maharashtra. Nadvenu flutes® was formed by Er. Raju S. Salve, and has been actively engaged in the same field since 2014. We are the leading manufacturer of consumer Bamboo flutes and other material Flutes. The product you deal with in Flute articles since 2016.

Bansuris are specially handcrafted to render accurate & great-sounding Flute. Every bansuri is made of quality seasoned bamboo and the incredible tonal quality of our bansuri with extreme accuracy in-studio atmosphere and stage. Each Flute is accurately tuned with piano A 440 Hz scale. We are making bansuri Flute from A natural bass (very long Flute of 115 cm!), up to D sharp small (very small Flute of 24 cm).

Note: Flute may be tuned on requirements. ( If someone wants a Flute tuned on A 432Hz, A 441 Hz, A 442 Hz, … so on,.)  Also, the Flutes are available for Flute Right-Hand players as well as left-handed Flute players.

We also make Keshav Venu Flute, It can be played in the entire span of 3.5 (+) octaves rendering musical quality as close as possible to the vocal as well as string instrument renditions. The tonal quality of notes remains unaltered. Using traditional Hands, switching over from one Flute to the other introduces this difference.

At present, we have services across India. We focus to help our customers by saving time and money as we offer proper Product / Service descriptions and extremely competitive & unmatchable prices.

When you are buying from Nadvenu flutes®, you can rest assured that you are buying from a Trusted Name.






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